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Meet the Owner 

"Hi my name is Patty, I am the mother of 7 children and grandmother to 5 grandchildren. I am married to an amazing man named Mike and have too many animals to list. I have been saving and rescuing animals since I was a young child. I have rescued animals of all shapes, sizes and breeds including but not limited to cats, dogs, goats, llamas, Guinea Pigs, hamsters, horses, sheep, and many kinds of birds. My love for animals is unconditional. To look into the eyes of a furry friend that needs help, love, attention or just a back scratch makes my heart jump into action. My dream when I was young was to have a big family, live on a big farm and rescue and save lots of animals. I am finally able to fulfill my dream now that our kids are older. I have always carried an "animal emergency tub" in my car and have used it on a few occasions. I have saved a life, reunited lost pets with their owners and saved some from being euthanized. My view on euthanasia is it should only be performed if an animal is suffering due to illness, abuse or neglect that can not be treated and all options of care have been exhausted. No healthy animal should "die" due to the irresponsible actions of humans. I will be the voice whenever possible for all animals. Remember "every paw counts"!"


Patty is a very kind soul.huge heart.we just recently got a new family member from her...thank you

--Clint Wehmeyer

Patty has a huge heart and deserves support to help care for the animals she rescues. We have two beautiful kitties from Patty.

-- Mary Henry

"A friend put something on Facebook regarding a dog named Molly who was abandoned. I contacted her to see about getting the dog to Patty's Animal Rescue. When I contacted Patty to explain what was going on she went into full action. She basically said, "I want the dog". She was there when she said she would be and the dog has been living happily ever since. Now, the only pictures I see on Facebook are the ones that should be there. A happy, smiling and very much loved and healthy dog! Patty is a "go to" and "get it done" person. I trust her and love that she has such a generous heart for animals. If ever an animal should need anything, she'd see that they get help before her own needs...she is that dedicated. I call her the animal whisperer."

--Michelle Keller

I got my new family member from Patty's rescue. She is a very loving compassionate person that any animal, or human, would be lucky to be involved with.

--Karalee Rich

Love the kitty I adopted from Pattys Animal Rescue . Her name is Xerxes she is independant, playful and a purring monster.

--Christine Gardner

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