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Dogs Ready for Adoption

Hi!  I’m happy!  Yes, that’s my name.  I can’t hear you say it. but my personality definitely says it.  I’m a super senior with a heart of gold.  My foster mom has these wonderful things to say about me:


Happy is very content and polite with my other dogs, and my cat.  He does try to steal their food, when given the chance.  I make sure he does his best to be polite.  I work all day, and he is just fine sleeping in his fluffy bed all day.  


The perfect apartment dog.  Even potty trained…. He goes when I get home.  There were a few accidents, but that is to be expected.  He can’t hear but once he knows you, he will follow you everywhere.   He looks at you with love, and it will melt your heart. He loves a good brush down, and will let you clip his nails without a fight.


Happy deserves a secure retirement.  Somewhere he can sleep and eat to his hearts content.  As always, a new dog will always require sometime to acclimate and learn your schedule.  Happy still knows his boundaries.  


He’s great in the car and on leash too.  Super excited for a short walk.  

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